Psychrometer with Infrared Thermometer Extech HD500

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  • HD500, Extech

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Extech HD500 psychrometer is capable of a number of temperature/humidity measurements. The built-in infrared thermometer is for non-contact surface temperature measurement of up to 932°F (500°C). The infrared thermometer has a 30:1 distance to target ratio. The type K temperature function uses a type K probe for contact measurements up to 2501°F (1372°C). Extech HD500 psychrometer also measures relative humidity with a range of 0 to 100%. Dew point and wet bulb measuring potentials. Above all, the instrument also measures water vapor in GPP (grains per poung)/g/kg (grams per kilogram). Extech HD500 psychrometer is completed with Windows ® compatible software with USB cable, Type K bead wire temperature probe (-58 to 482°F/-50 to 250°C), built-in stand, hard carrying case, and 9V battery.



■  Built-in InfraRed Thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement to 932°F (500°C) with 30:1 distance to target ratio
■  Type K Temperature function for contact temperature measurement to 2501°F (1372°C)
■  Highest 2% RH accuracy
■  Heavy Duty rugged double molded housing with large triple LCD backlit display
■  Auto power off
■  USB port includes PC software
■  Includes Windows® compatible software with USB cable, Type K bead wire temperature probe, built-in stand, hard carrying case, and 9V battery



Specifications Range Basic Accuracy
InfraRed Thermometer  -58 to 932°F (-50 to 500°C)  ±2% or ±4°F/2°C 
Distance to Target Ratio  30:1   
Type K Temperature  -148 to 2501°F (-100 to 1372°C)  ±(1% + 1°C) 
Air Temperature  14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)  ±(2% ±4ºF/2°C) 
RH Range  0 to 100%RH  ±2%RH 
Dew Point -90.4 to 140°F (-68 to 60°C)  
Wet Bulb -6.88 to 140°F (-21.6 to 60°C)  
Dimensions 10 x 2.9 x 2" (255 x 75 x 50mm)  
Weight 12.3oz (350g)  




HD500-NIST Psychrometer with IR Temperature w/NIST Certificate 
HD500-NISTL Psychrometer with IR Temperature w/NISTL Certificate 
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